For anyone starting to use NHibernate

A good blog entry by Oren (Ayende) about Nullable types and how NHibernate handles them.  I am starting to use NHibernate and will be sharing these jems as I find them. This is also a way for me to centralize them. =)

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2 Responses to For anyone starting to use NHibernate

  1. jlockwood says:

    You may want to look at the ILS code. I did a couple of custom nullables for PhoneNumber and Address value objects (if I rember right). I think I also boxed a couple of primitives. I’ve used the nullables library before, but you end up using nullable fields on your classes from the library. I didn’t want to couple domain code with an exernternal library.

  2. jmeridth says:

    Thanks Josh, I’ll check that out.