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And we’re off is up and running.  This is the central posting grounds for a good number of Agile .NET developers.  We’re hoping to grow and help contribute to the software development community.

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Ubuntu Linux offers Windows migration tool.

The newest version of Ubuntu 7.04 BETA is offering a new Windows migration tool.  According to the website, it will recognize and migrate ”Internet Explorer favorites, Firefox favorites, desktop wallpaper, AOL IM contacts, and Yahoo IM contacts” during the install process. … Continue reading 

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For anyone starting to use NHibernate

A good blog entry by Oren (Ayende) about Nullable types and how NHibernate handles them.  I am starting to use NHibernate and will be sharing these jems as I find them. This is also a way for me to centralize … Continue reading 

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Orcas – First try

 After reading a post by Scott Guthrie on the new C# Orcas language features I decided to download Orcas and try them out.  (**excited**) The new features I practiced with and love are: Object initializersExample:Prior to Orcas: Person person = … Continue reading 

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Orcas – Extension Methods

Again, I was reading Guthrie’s blog and found his post on Extension Methods What this allows a developer to do is extend types without needing to create a static service class.It is more like an extension class. Example: You want … Continue reading 

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Some good finds lately

An Open Letter to Scott Guthrie Free ASP.NET 2.0, LINQ, AJAX, etc. Videos Some new people I’ve added to my Google Reader/ Blog Roll: Eli Lopian Scott Guthrie

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Reminder – How to enable syntax highlighting for HTML files with non-standard extensions

If you are using VS2005, you can also go to Tools->Options->Text Editor->File Extension and associate the file extension with the HTML Editor. This is particularly useful for the Monorail View types [Boo (boo extension) and NVelocity (vm extension)]

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Active Record vs. Repository

I was reading an blog entry by Ayende Rahien (aka Oren Eini) again, “Entities, Services and what goes between them…” and one of his commenters asked the following question:   re: Entities, Services and what goes between them… 2/27/2007 6:44 … Continue reading 

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Google source code hosting

If you don’t want to host your own sourcecode on your own Subversion server like I was doing, check this out. It is Google’s code hosting for subversion.  You are given 100 MB of space and can apply a specific … Continue reading 

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.NET interview questions everyone should know

VERY GOOD READS   Scot Hanselmann Interview questions:   Ayende Answers to Hanselmann questions:

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