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Humble developers

It’s nice to know that developers of Oren’s caliber can admit that they have “stupid” moments too.  I do the same thing.  I call them brain farts. From his recent post: “…Stuff happens, it is easy to forget a line … Continue reading 

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joeyDotNet – Creating reusable components in Monorail

I found an excellent post by joeyDotNet on how to start porting over ASP.NET custom server controls to Monorail (w/ Brail). Check it out.

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Attending an Austin .NET Users Group (ADNUG) meeting

This past Monday I attended the ADNUG meeting in the Microsoft Technology center building in Austin, TX.  I went with 4 team members from Scott Belleware, gave a presentation over Domain Driven Design.  He started out with the abstract … Continue reading 

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Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects download

UPDATE: This feature is included in the Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1  The team I’m currently on is trying very hard to upgrade our current application from using .NET 1.1 and Visual Studio 2003.  We’ve been held back due … Continue reading 

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For anyone beginning NHibernate

I finally have a side project I’m going to use NHibernate on and blog about my experiences. A required watch (from my point of view): DNRTV Video – Oren Eini on NHibernate.Ayende Rahien = Oren Eini, if you did not … Continue reading 

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Database unit testing

Question:  How do you handle database unit testing? My current position:  We utilize a template pattern via a base Test Fixture and start the transaction and roll it back at TearDown.  We have an entire test project of this type of … Continue reading 

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Legacy Code

I recently read Jeremy Miller’s post on his thoughts about Legacy Code.  His expanded definition of Legacy code was perfect: Legacy code is code that you’re afraid of, but is too valuable or big to toss away. He comments on … Continue reading 

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