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Gates and Jobs interview together – a good watch

A very good watch – Here 

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Scott Guthrie uses FireFox in his posts…..Where’s IE?

Here is his post about making Silverlight full-screen. Notice he’s using FireFox?  I would think a Micro$oftie such as himself, would use IE. Just thought it was funny. 

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Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and the Broadcom wireless card on a Compaq Presario C500 Laptop

You’d start to think that I’m no longer a developer, and more of a architecture IT person now with all of the latest Linux installation posts I’ve had lately.  These are do to the new tricks/fixes I’m having to learn … Continue reading 

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Knoppix ntfsfix fixes Windows XP corrupted NTFS

Interested information from another Linux board: “Anyways, a couple of days ago I had a major hard drive crash that corruptedall my NTFS volumes. XP refused to boot, no safe mode, the recovery consolewouldn’t start, nothing. I was able to … Continue reading 

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Bill McCafferty is moving to Monorail

Bill McCafferty, the author of NHibernate Best Practices on CodeProject, after researching many Separation of Concern Alternatives has decided to have his development team move to Monorail. (read the post) I’m curious to see how it goes.  I’d love for … Continue reading 

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Technical Debt

“You have a piece of functionality that you need to add to your system. You see two ways to do it, one is quick to do but is messy – you are sure that it will make further changes harder … Continue reading 

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GParted instead of Partition Magic

I’ve used Partition Magic for years.  I unfortunately lost my bootable CD and have hesitated purchasing the software again.  I went to CompUSA this weekend to look into purchasing it again and was asking the rep where I could find … Continue reading 

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Don’t poke the penguin

Microsoft must really be hurting…..they just made the claim that Linux violates 235 of it’s patents.  SCO tried this recently and got it’s butt humiliated.  The linux community didn’t have to do anything. Some of he claims according to this … Continue reading 

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Getting sound working on my Toshiba laptop with Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

The post here on the forums helped me solve my problems. How to do it: open a terminal and type: sudo vim /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-baseGo to the bottom of the file and paste in the following line: options snd-hda-intel model=auto or options … Continue reading 

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Welcome joeyDotNet (Joey Beninghove)

We have welcomed JoeyDotNet to our group.  He reigns from Richmond, Virginia and has posted excellent content on his current blog. He’s an agile, TDD, BDD, etc enthusiast. He is a great addition to our blogging team.

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