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The Sims meet .NET developers

I was reading Brad Abrams blog entry today about Visual Studio Island and decided to check it out.   This is the SIMS meet .NET Development. I’m still playing around but it can get pretty addictive.   

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Family IT Guy Award

B# (Ben Scheirman) wrote a post about how to receive this award. :) Check it out here.   I’m still working on #7.  It’s hard to be patient when you’re expected to reload a PC in 2 hours. 

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Ubuntu’s #1 Bug Report

LOL!!  Just please go read it:   Once again, I’m not a bigot.  Microsoft pays the bills currently and they have a tendency to be very innovative.  A Java/Linux job would be heaven though. :)

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Visual Studio 2005 – Make new classes public by default

Thanks to a co-worker, Chris Dereadt (thanks Chris), I have finally squashed one of my pet peeves with Visual Studio 2005. To make all new classes public edit the Class.cs file in the following location: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8Common7IDEItemTemplatesCacheCSharp1033(the drive … Continue reading 

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IronPython Cookbook

Scott Guthrie has posted a notice of the IronPython Cookbook wiki that is now online.  I have Python experience via scripting in Linux.  It’s a very cool language.  It takes some time getting used to no brackets if you are … Continue reading 

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