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Apple’s new product – iBrick

This is what happens to your iPhone if you opened it up for use with other carriers.  I haven’t gotten one yet, but will hopefully.  Someday.

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Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) BETA released yesterday – final release in October

Ubuntu 7.10 released yesterday.  Go here to download and help Canonical with beta testing.  I am downloading it at home and will load one of my “mutt” PCs tonight and start using it.  Instructions on how to insert bugs into … Continue reading 

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Be kind to your testers

Jeremy Miller posted about Testers being pigs.  I have learned through my current position that he is completely correct. We have the “corporate” agile going at our place of business. Legend:DeveloperSystems Analyst (tester)Business Analyst (domain expert) In our planning sessions … Continue reading 

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MonoRail #4: Validation

This post was decided upon after watching Hammet‘s screencast on using attribute-based validation in MonoRail. *NOTE: I do not agree with embedding validation into the domain model.  I would prefer a service handle this, but I’m utilizing the validation that … Continue reading 

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Domain Model Overuse post by David Laribee on CodeBetter

David Laribee recently posted on Domain Model Overuse and my colleague Joe Ocampo (AgileJoe) responded.  Check out the comments. Note: If you want to read Fowler’s article on AnemicDomainModel, check out the cached version on Google, since the entry is … Continue reading 

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Chris Dereadt joins LosTechies

We’re growing by leaps and bounds.  Today we welcome Christopher Dereadt to LosTechies.  I’m a little biased see how I work with him on a daily basis.  Chris has been working at a large financial institution for the past 3 … Continue reading 

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Ruby on Rails – WOW!

Okay, I’ve been hearing about Ruby and even went through the “Try Ruby” on hobbix walk-through. I’ve scripted in Python, another dynamic language, for my Linux bash scripts and I’ve also create a web site to interact with Amazon web … Continue reading 

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MonoRail HotSwap

Ayende (pronounced A-yend  (no eh at the end) – verified in this post after hearing Colin pronounce it) posted on an idea he has – MonoRail HotSwap and Colin Ramsay did a screencast of MonoRail HotSwap.  I know that the … Continue reading 

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Forget Subversion’s blame, we need the Microsoft’s WSYP program (joke)

Originally posted here, where I found it.

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Castle 1.0 Release Candidate 3 is out

Hammet posted that RC3 is out.  For those of you who were on RC2 and hesitant to use the trunk, this is great news. Hammet also posted what the changes were.

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