LosTechies welcomes Sean Chambers to the group

We are happy to announce that another blogger will be joining us today.  His name is Sean Chambers.  His blog is currently located here and Sean has agreed to cross-post to our group.

Sean is living in Palm Coast, Florida and works at Flagler County School District as a Senior Programmer/Analyst.  He’s been coding in C# for about 4-5 years.  His strong points are the Castle Project, DDD, TDD, and pretty much all things techie.  He’s also proficient in Linux having been playing with it for over 10 years now (since Slackware 1.0 and the early days of RedHat).

Sean is also expecting a son shortly (October 10th) and will be joining the ranks of fatherhood.

We are very exciting about having him join LosTechies and look forward to sharing his experience and knowledge with all of you.

Please join us in welcoming Sean.

About Jason Meridth

Continuously learning software developer trying to not let best be the enemy of better
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One Response to LosTechies welcomes Sean Chambers to the group

  1. schambers says:

    Thank you Jason!

    I am excited about being apart of the LosTechies community and I hope I can spread some useful information to everyone.

    I look forward to making new friends and learning as much new information as I can.

    Thanks again!