Ruby on Rails – WOW!

Okay, I’ve been hearing about Ruby and even went through the “Try Ruby” on hobbix walk-through. I’ve scripted in Python, another dynamic language, for my Linux bash scripts and I’ve also create a web site to interact with Amazon web services with IronPython (post coming soon on that), but wasn’t impressed enough to pursue learning of Ruby hard-core.  After the few posts on LosTechies from Joey, Joe, and Sean, I decided to follow Sean’s advice and watch the screencasts on  I’m not even through the blog creation screencast and I need to post on this.

People go check it out. Here.  You’ll be utterly amazed.

I’ll update this post after I see more.  Wow!

The speaker’s comment at 11:18, “Yeah, it goes fast, don’t blink.” was priceless.

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8 Responses to Ruby on Rails – WOW!

  1. Hehe, yep. There are lots of screencasts and presentations out there you can watch. Here are few more to wet your appetite:

    2006 RailsConf:

    2006 RailsConf Europe:

    Google Videos:

    Skills Matter / RoR eXchange:


    PeepCode ($$) :

    There are many more, but those should get you started… :)

  2. Joe Ocampo says:

    I knew once you saw the light you wouldn’t be able to resist! lol

  3. Great isn’t it?

    Now, my only gripe with all of RoR is the whole production headaches. Perhaps someone can shed some light in this area of deploying a RoR app to a production server.

    There are alot of different options and it’s hard to tell which is the best route. Alot of people have capistrano scripts deploying to Apache with a Mongrel cluster and a load balancer but I had a real hard time getting it to work correctly. Comments anyone?

  4. @Sean,
    Well since I’m only going on my 2nd real coding week with learning RoR, I can’t be of much help. But from what I’ve seen I am going to have to beef up my *nix skills quite a bit. But sounds like you and Jason are pretty comfortable in a *nix environment, so shouldn’t be as much of a problem for you guys.

    About Capistrano, everything I hear about it, folks say it is simply amazing and is something every RoR developer should be using. Hopefully I’ll get to that point soon… :D

  5. Wow. This is exactly why we created LosTechies. Thanks for the support guys.

    @Sean: Sounds like a challenge for us to create an open-source product to make production deployment easier. :)

  6. @Jason,
    Capistrano is pretty much the de-facto deployment tool in Rails-land right now, from what I can see. So I’d probably take a serious look at that before creating an alternative. Just my 0.02…

  7. Jason,

    sounds like a plan! Let me know if you setup a vm or anything to play with it.

    It would be neat if we could swap virtual machine disks if one of us sets up a Linux deployment server. Granted we would all have to be using VirtualBox or VMWare, but it would be cool to all be working with the same configuration.

  8. Joe Ocampo says:

    Lets create a that site that Joey and I were talking about for displaced softies that need $$$ for MacBook Pro’s! If someone can raise money for their college tuition why can’t we raise a little for us poor developers. ;-)