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Code snippets in blog entries, HELP!

UPDATE: Problem solved.  Had to uninstall VSPaste plug-in first and uninstall the Code Snippet plug-in, restart, and then re-install.  Fun fun.  Newbie problem To all bloggers out there that post code into their blog and also use Windows Live Writer, … Continue reading 

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Microsoft FolderShare

Today I was working with a co-worker, Nelson Montalvo, and talking to him about my file transfer woes with moving this site and other sites to a new server.  Lots of files.  He mentioned a software package, FolderShare, that I tried tonight … Continue reading 

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Monorail #0: Controllers

One of the first things I should have posted:  How It Works This image is good for all you visual learners out there:  (from the Castle Project documentation) This will help us when we go to the next post on … Continue reading 

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Monorail #2 : Layouts & Rescues

LAYOUTS UPDATED: Used the Code Snippet plug-in Layouts are like master pages or template pages in Adobe DreamWeaver.  They allow you to template your site.  I have a default.vm under my ../Views/layouts folder and the way to make a controller … Continue reading 

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I didn’t think websites still required a certain platform…

<rant> Precursor:  I’m not as much anti-Microsoft as I used to be, but this re-ignited the flame.  Not against Microsoft, but websites that don’t want to hit all demographics. I personally use Ubuntu at home on 2 of my computers … Continue reading 

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