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Trinity football wins game with 15 laterals on last play

I was very hesitant to post this on LosTechies (non-technical content), but after some thought I think this is worth it.  I’m a Trinity alumni and also played football there for 2 years. This is absolutely amazing.   If the … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET MVC article in Code Magazine

Jeffrey Palermo gives an introduction to ASP.NET MVC in the recent issue of Code Magazine. Check it out.

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Google Reader keyboard shortcuts

I’m a keyboard junkie.  The less I have to use the mouse, the happier I am.  If you want to use keyboard shortcuts in Google reader, you can get help by pressing shift+/ (aka, the ?). This will pop up … Continue reading 

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For individuals who do not like command prompt, you can use a GUI tool to handle your NAnt build files.  This was mentioned on the Alt.NET yahoo group. Check it out here.  I just played with it briefly and it … Continue reading 

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Rhino Mocks 3.3 is out!!

Check out Oren’s (Ayende Rahien) post here. Download it here.  The most significant change that I like is the ability to setup expectations on void methods with Expect.Call.  Check out Oren’s other post about this here. 

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CruiseControl and Web Application MSBuild Targets

I was one of the developers that installed the Web Application Projects MSI before Visual Studio Service Pack 1 was available.  After the service pack came out, I didn’t uninstall the MSI and just installed the SP.  We all know … Continue reading 

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Pidgin – Instant Messaging

I have started using Pidgin instant messaging.  It consolidates my Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Accounts.  I’ve used Trillian in the past with success but it doesn’t include Google Talk.  I also have Skype for voice messaging.  I hope … Continue reading 

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My Typical Day

In response to Joe Ocampo’s (AgileJoe) question: My typical day. 5:30 Wake-up 5:45 Wake-up wife, start taking care of son 5:45-7:00 Feed him, smile when he gives me his morning “present” (a doody diaper), and change him 7:00 Take him … Continue reading 

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Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) release today!

If you are a Linux fan (or you already know of Ubuntu), the downloads for 7.10 became available today. Check out my previous post on the new features.

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Routing from ASP.NET MVC inspires MonoRail

According to the recent check-in on MonoRail (build 586), they are setting the foundation to having routing just like ASP.NET MVC. Very cool. UPDATE: Colin gives more insight into the code change here. Oh, yeah, props to Colin for … Continue reading 

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