Pidgin – Instant Messaging

I have started using Pidgin instant messaging.  It consolidates my Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Accounts.  I’ve used Trillian in the past with success but it doesn’t include Google Talk.  I also have Skype for voice messaging.  I hope Pidgin can include that someday.



What does everyone else use?

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4 Responses to Pidgin – Instant Messaging

  1. I use Pidgin as well, I’ve been using it since it was called Gaim.

  2. I use Adium and Skype. It sure would be nice if Skype was more open to integrate with Adium but I guess that is why Skype works almost everywhere – even places that block most regular im clients.

  3. I love Pidgin because it works in Ubuntu (Linux) also. :)

    I forgot that Pidgin was the Gaim rename.

    I’ll have to check out Adium. Thanks.

  4. I use GTalk through Trillian…