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UPDATE: Context: This was a joke!  No term was stated in a derogatory tone. Howard Dierking does a much better job at setting up the context and delivering the quote than I did.  I apologize. Scott Hanselman, “Mort is crying … Continue reading 

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In my current environment We have the following: DevelopersSystem Analysts : QA TestersBusiness Analysts : Domain Experts Every morning at 9am we have our daily stand-up/scrum to enlighten the whole team and let everyone know what is going on.  We … Continue reading 

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Dell Dimension 3000 – remove hard drive

**Precursor: My MonoRail posts will continue soon, but I’m moving my office and have also had the “tech support” calls from friends and family lately, hence the OS, hardware posts.  We all have to do this stuff at sometime, right?  … Continue reading 

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Installing 2 CruiseControl services/web dashboards on 1 server/PC

Why? I am currently hosting CruiseControl for an open-source project and I don’t want my personal projects to show up on their web dashboard.  I also want a complete separation.  That means theirs is running on its own port number … Continue reading 

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.NET InternalsVisibleTo attribute == C++ Friend Assemblies

To all developers who haven’t heard of this, there is an ability to have a project, say a test project, to have access to another project’s Internal classes. (MSDN definition). For security reasons, make sure that your test assembly is … Continue reading 

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