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.net 3.5 install, anyone using a modem?

“You can now disconnect form the Internet.” I don’t know if you’re using a modem, but I’m not.  Just thought this was funny.

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BDD macro and Reshaper Template

My colleague, Joe Ocampo, created a ReSharper template: 1: [Test] 2: public void 3: “$Specification$”() To add the template, go to ReSharper->Options in the menu: Then choose “Live Templates” underneath the Templates heading from the items on the left of … Continue reading 

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People vs. tools

I’m not a very theoretical guy.  I don’t like to discuss things to no solution.  When presented with a new idea, I like to see the code, tool, or mechanism that helps put that theory/idea into action.  I’m fine tuning … Continue reading 

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You think it’s getting hit a little hard?

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Joe’s post reminded me of something that I heard while at the conference.  While attending the MonoRail session, the developers were talking about which view engine to use and the topic of Boo and Brail came about.  When that … Continue reading 

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Port 80 and smiles

Tonight, after a “rough” presentation on LINQ 2 SQL (presented by me) at the local user group meeting, I came home to my wife and just decided to not unpack my laptop.  I know presenters have those times when something … Continue reading 

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NAnt – list all targets in build file

For my recollection and anyone else who finds the need to list all projects for a build file: nant -projecthelp I keep forgetting this and want to centralize it for my knowledge. Hope this helps someone else.

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MonoRail #5: Sending an Email and Authentication

RECAP I’ve been pretty busy as of late and even had some issues with the way I was trying to unit test validation.  As you can see here, I was able to get some help from Joey on this and … Continue reading 

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UPDATE: Be aware that SharpDevelop doesn’t seem to support the Web Application Project support.  It will handle ASP.NET Web Site Creation (Normal 2.0 web site project) but is doesn’t have the ability to handle the legacy (1.1-) way of site … Continue reading 

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ThoughtWorks Mingle

I got excited about ThoughtWorks releasing Mingle 1.1.  The software license states that it is free for the first 5 users. I have used older version of ThoughtProcess and their new one looks sweet, but expensive. Today however, I installed … Continue reading 

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