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Goodbye HD-DVD

As a “computer guy” I am always asked about everything technical.  One of the latest most popular questions has been, “Should I get an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3?”.  My answer as of late has been, “Which one do you … Continue reading 

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NAnt and .NET 3.5

I recently started a personal .NET 3.5 project (finally learning the ASP.NET MVC architecture) and noticed when I tried to migrate an old NAnt build file over and run the automated build it died.  The main reason was because when … Continue reading 

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Update: TeamCity

As you saw from my last TeamCity post, I was a little frustrated about the fact that I had to create an environment variable to use the NAnt runner.  A colleague, Dru Sellers, contacted me and mentioned the Command Line … Continue reading 

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LosTechies welcomes Ray Houston

We would like to welcome Ray Houston (current blog, new LosTechies blog) to the LosTechies blogging community!  Some of us had the opportunity to meet Ray at the Austin TDD Coding Dojo and was impressed with his humility, intelligence, and … Continue reading 

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Naming your test methods

Today I had an opportunity to go to the TDD Coding Dojo hosting by Chad Myers and Ray Houston and I had a blast.  Some of the attendees have been doing TDD for a while (some have even migrated to … Continue reading 

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