Goodbye HD-DVD

As a “computer guy” I am always asked about everything technical.  One of the latest most popular questions has been, “Should I get an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3?”.  My answer as of late has been, “Which one do you like more: Halo or Blu-ray?”.  I personally purchased a 360 because I love to play Halo.  If someone is purchasing it for the ability to play HD DVDs then they should get a Playstation 3.

The reason for this goodbye gesture is that Microsoft has stated they will be discontinuing the HD-DVD add-on device for the XBOX 360 as your can read here. 

I think everyone knew this was coming around the corner, but when MS jumps ship you know that VHS has beaten Beta, oh I mean…..Blu-ray has beaten HD-DVD. 

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