Free e-Book from Karl Seguin

I may be late on the band wagon on this one, but I just had the privilege of reading Karl Seguin’s free e-book, “Foundations of Programming”.  This is what Alt.NET is all about.

Even if you disagree with Alt.NET or what it stands for, please just take a glance at it.  Karl is very good at re-emphasizing Joe Ocampo’s favorite two words, “It depends…”.

Remember, there is no silver bullet.  This book at least gives you knowledge.  Enjoy.

Kudos to Karl.

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2 Responses to Free e-Book from Karl Seguin

  1. jlockwood says:

    Nice, I glanced over it and the content looks interesting…thanks for the heads up!

  2. Karl says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Lat is good, it spreads out the loads and increases the likelihood that those who missed the flurry will catch it.

    Sooner than later (can’t imagine any more than 1 week), I plan on releasing something to help those who are more hands-on, or really anyone who might like to see a more end-to-end example. It’ll be simple (which is always a problem since most of what we preach has a relatively high up-front cost which doesn’t seem justifiable on small projects), but hopefully some will find value in it.