LosTechies welcomes Mo Khan

Mo is a passionate software developer and blogger and we’re happy to have him join us here at LosTechies.  His blog is a must read.  Go check out his blog archive for some great information.  He addition to the group is another sign that LosTechies is growing and becoming a great centralized place for technology information.  Mo is our first blogger from Canada.

One of the things I liked about Mo’s blog was his goals section, it showed his organization and passion for our industry.

Look for him to be blogging soon.

About Jason Meridth

Continuously learning software developer trying to not let best be the enemy of better
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2 Responses to LosTechies welcomes Mo Khan

  1. Chad Myers says:

    Good stuff. He adds a touch of class and credibility to this otherwise rough and tumble band of misfits. Or something like that. :)

  2. Kyle Baley says:

    Sweet! I knew he’d get snatched up somewhere. Nice pick-up for the LosTechies crew.