Monthly Archives: November 2008 killed my Google Reader

We recently created a account for LosTechies.  What this service does is query your RSS feed and whenever a new post is created, it will tweet the blog entry information.  I’m back on twitter and read it religiously.  The … Continue reading 

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PTOM: November 2008: Visitor Design Pattern

Definition Visitor Design Pattern – “Represent an operation to be performed on the elements of an object structure. Visitor lets you define a new operation without changing the classes of the elements on which it operates. ” Another term … Continue reading 

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Library Thing

UPDATE: has a much better UI and is just as awesome.  I’ve made the switch I can’t remember whose blogger profile I was looking at but I saw a link for  I had created a personal web application … Continue reading 

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[OT] Child’s Play Charity

A few of my posts lately have been non-technical, and this one is following suit, hence the OT (Off Topic) prefix on the post.  If you play video games, via console or PC/MAC, please take a moment and check out … Continue reading 

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Creating an older rails project with multiple (newer) versions installed

I have been studying rspec the last week or two and have been using Rail 2.1.2 to do my exploring.  I was finally ready to jump into some legacy code and couldn’t even create a spec folder on the directory … Continue reading 

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Since LosTechies was started we’ve tried to make sure we have created a community that educates.  By doing that we’ve had to stand on the shoulders of a few giants/masters/leaders.  One of those leaders for us was Brendan Tompkins of … Continue reading 

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Gmail Labs

Maybe I’m a little late noticing this, but the Labs option once you’re in your gmail settings: I was using the Better Gmail plugin from LifeHacker for a while before Google upgraded gmail.  I enjoyed the fact that my signature … Continue reading 

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Visual SVN Server

Due to the new policies by (not allowing free private source repositories), I’ve had to finally grab another server and stand-up Visual SVN Server.  It’s free, VERY easy to manage and worked like a charm once installed.  Kudos to … Continue reading 

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Trying to restore my Twitter account

update:  created armmer account after following Ben’s advice below. To any Twitter employees out there: I have been trying for about a month now to get my twitter account restored.  I decided to delete it and focus on other things … Continue reading 

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"Printer Friendly Versions" of our posts now available

As shown in the example post above (thanks Jimmy), you know have the ability to view a “Printer Friendly Version” of the current post.  This was a result of one of our readers contacting Chad and us responding.  Thank you … Continue reading 

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