"Printer Friendly Versions" of our posts now available

Printer Friendly Version Example

As shown in the example post above (thanks Jimmy), you know have the ability to view a “Printer Friendly Version” of the current post.  This was a result of one of our readers contacting Chad and us responding.  Thank you to our reader for sharing his needs and helping us to provide a better user experience.  We will be making some changes to the LosTechies homepage and other areas in the near future.  If you subscribe via RSS come check out the site sometime.

Hail Pablo!


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7 Responses to "Printer Friendly Versions" of our posts now available

  1. mbratton says:

    Pablo be praised!

  2. jdn says:

    You’re welcome. Thanks for the quick fix.

  3. @marcus

    Glad we got it out there for you. Let us know if we can help in any other ways.

  4. Brad Mead says:

    Awesome enhancement guys. Thanks!

  5. JoeTheDeveloper says:


    Still tinkering with the site, I presume? The front page is really really hard to read from user standpoint. It’s now basically showing work history instead of ‘real’ information. Yeah, I *could* look at the RSS stuff or even use an RSS reader but I’m not that sophisticated yet… I do like the site :)

  6. @ Joe
    It’s funny you mention that. We are working on a re-vamp of the home page. We have it in staging and will be moving it over soon.

    I may fix the home page to show blogs and media temporarily.

    Good input. Thanks.

  7. @JoeTheDeveloper

    I’ve changed the home page for now. We’ll be putting up our custom one soon.

    Thanks for the input.