Trying to restore my Twitter account

update:  created armmer account after following Ben’s advice below.

To any Twitter employees out there:

I have been trying for about a month now to get my twitter account restored.  I decided to delete it and focus on other things or a while.  I decided to come back, via the information I was told that a deleted account could be restored within 60 days.  I’ve submitted 2 tickets to no avail.  I know you have tons of users and you’re fighting the growing pains, but can one of you please restore my account.

The account name is jmeridth.

Please help.

To everyone who might comment:

I had decided to just let my prior account go and create a new one, but alas I cannot.  My old account is still holding onto my email address.  I only have one email address and don’t see why I should just create a new one for a twitter account.


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2 Responses to Trying to restore my Twitter account

  1. If you use gmail, then you can add a period anywhere in the name and it will still arrive. AT geemail dotcom will still make it to me.

  2. @Ben
    Cool. Did not know that.