Creating an older rails project with multiple (newer) versions installed

I have been studying rspec the last week or two and have been using Rail 2.1.2 to do my exploring.  I was finally ready to jump into some legacy code and couldn’t even create a spec folder on the directory tree because the version of rails was older:

  1: user$ ruby script/generate rspec
  2: Cannot find gem for Rails ~>
  3:     Install the missing gem with 'gem install -v=1.2.3 rails', or
  4:     change environment.rb to define RAILS_GEM_VERSION with your desired version. 

After looking at the rails file in /usr/bin, I noticed the regex was looking for something that matched the following regex string:

  1: /^_(.*)_$/

If my recollection holds, that means I’m looking for any character set that begins and ends with underscores (i.e., _1.x.x).

So I tried the following:

  1: rails _1.2.3_ <projectname>

and it succeeded.

Hope this helps someone else. Continuing my Ruby journey.

I’m also looking at Fluent NHibernate now, so it’s going to be a few couple weeks.

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One Response to Creating an older rails project with multiple (newer) versions installed

  1. bubba says:

    hey, that helped me. thanks!