Since LosTechies was started we’ve tried to make sure we have created a community that educates.  By doing that we’ve had to stand on the shoulders of a few giants/masters/leaders.  One of those leaders for us was Brendan Tompkins of and  His blog is on  I’m currently one of the maintainers for LosTechies and have queried Brendan’s mind/help many times.  He has been an invaluable resource.

Recently we decided to create a partnership.  You can see two “badges” linking to his two sites under a new Partnerships section on the side of our home page and blogs page.  You will also now see a LosTechies “badge” on the CB and DL sites.  The scope of the partnership will be defined as we grow and communicate.

Educating, helping, and growing a pragmatic community can be shown by reading all three of our communities.

This post is the partnership announcement and also a very big “Thank you” to Brendan for being a helping hand and mentor when necessary.

P.S. Congratulations to Brendan on the new addition to his family.  Many blessings to him and your family.

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One Response to Partnership

  1. Most excellent…glad to hear the bridge is formed. You guys have done a terrific job with…it’s nice to be partnered with you!