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A few of my posts lately have been non-technical, and this one is following suit, hence the OT (Off Topic) prefix on the post.  If you play video games, via console or PC/MAC, please take a moment and check out the Child’s Play Charity.  It is a merging between gamers of the world and the hospitals of the world.  What it consists of, is the ability to choose a registered hospital, listed on a map:


(on the homepage of the site), and choose a toy from amazon to send to the hospital for children at the hospital.  You can also make a monetary donation via PayPal.  They have a goal of $750K for the charity.  They are around $460K.  Any help you can give will bring a smile to a child’s face and show the world that gamers give back too.

Thank you to Matt Dietz for making me aware of this charity.

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  1. mo says:

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing!