killed my Google Reader


We recently created a account for LosTechies.  What this service does is query your RSS feed and whenever a new post is created, it will tweet the blog entry information.  I’m back on twitter and read it religiously.  The “real-time” information is priceless.  Being notified about posts is awesome.  Heck, it even notifies me when one of the other LosTechies members posts.

This is a call out to all bloggers that use twitter.  Create a account and you no longer have to announce your posts manually and it will help all your followers read your ideas that exceed 140 characters.

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2 Responses to killed my Google Reader

  1. John Smith says:

    Here’s my issue with it. WTF do they need my twitter account? Giving them my username and password doesn’t really cut it with me.

  2. @John Smith
    How else would twitterfeed make a tweet to twitter? If you are that scared, create a dummy twitter account, follow it and make an announcement on yours to tell people to follow it.

    Paranoid much? Can’t even comment with your real name.