Pablo welcomes Chris Missal

We are happy to announce that Chris Missal (also known by his blog DumpsterDoggy) has accepted an invitation to join LosTechies.  A few of us got to meet with Chris and spend some time talking to him at KaizenConf this past year.  He is new to the industry, but his curiousity and learning speed make him a great asset to our group and to our readers.  If you haven’t yet, go check out his post archive on DumpsterDoggy.  They are worth the read.

His LosTechies blog is

Welcome aboard Chris.

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2 Responses to Pablo welcomes Chris Missal

  1. Tim Barcz says:

    Good catch you guys. Chris is wicked smart and picks up things very quickly.

    While Chris is relatively unknown at this point, I see that being a temporary thing. He’s got a lot of great ideas and insights on everything from design patterns to client-side techniques with jQuery.

  2. Chris Sutton says:

    Like Tim said, Chris Missal is a smart guy. I’m glad to see you picked him up as a blogger.