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Design Patterns in Ruby by Russ Olsen

After nudging by Joe Ocampo and Scott Bellware, I finally sat down at finished “Design Patterns in Ruby” by Russ Olsen. The format of most of the chapters made the book an interesting read: 1. A introduction to why you … Continue reading 

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Gitosis and a non-standard SSH port

I recently installed gitosis, a free way to host your own git repositories, and I am using a non-standard port (not 22). I tried to clone the gitosis-admin repository and it timed-out. Learned via this post that I needed to … Continue reading 

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Current Status

UPDATE:  I’m very eager to see where IronRuby and RSpec go for the .NET world.  Testing my C# Applications with RSpec would be awesome.  Check out the MSDN magazine article about this stuff if you haven’t already. I’m working with … Continue reading 

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Slicehost articles

If you are Linux newbie or are still unsure about how to setup your Linux box/slice/server, take a serious look at the Slicehost Articles.  Other articles include setup of Apache, Nginx, Postfix, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Capistrano, SSH, Self-signed certificates, … Continue reading 

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Hudson and Nginx

UPDATE: I left HTTP Auth in place via Nginx and removed security from my Hudson instance. This works for me because I don’t need the Hudson security. Every developer should be able to manage the CI server. I’m just trying … Continue reading 

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Selenium-client and fun

So I’ve had the pleasure of working with selenium-client, the official Ruby client API for Selenium Remote Control (bare bone client driver). Assumptions: 1. You have Ruby 1.8+ installed 2. You have rubygems installed I’m going to use the Slicehost … Continue reading 

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LosTechies welcomes Chris "Cruz" Taylor

I had the pleasure of working with Cruz on an agile team for about 2 1/2 years.  His passion for software development, best practices, and knowledge sharing/gathering are bar none.  He’s currently working for a small development shop in San … Continue reading 

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Houston ALT.NET Open Space (April 3rd – April 5th, 2009)

I’ve just become aware of an ALT.NET Open Space conference happening in Houston during the first week of April  Registration isn’t open yet but will be soon.  I’m not involved with the event but wanted to make the announcement (thanks … Continue reading 

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