Houston ALT.NET Open Space (April 3rd – April 5th, 2009)

I’ve just become aware of an ALT.NET Open Space conference happening in Houston during the first week of April  Registration isn’t open yet but will be soon.  I’m not involved with the event but wanted to make the announcement (thanks to Ben Scheirman, one of the conference administrators, for letting me know about the event).  If you are in the Houston area or can make the trip down there it will be well worth it.  They are currently looking for sponsors, so any individuals or companies that can help support the event, please contact the administrators.

The website

From the home page:

Welcome to Houston’s first ALT.NET Open Spaces event! This
conference is being held to allow developers to come and share their
experiences, learn from each other. ALT.NET is about challenging the
status-quo, continually looking for ways to better our craft, and to
collaborate to create a community of mindful .NET software developers.

What is ALT.NET? What is Open Spaces? These
ideas may be new to you, but you are encouraged to browse the site & take a look at past
events to learn more. This is probably unlike any other conference you’ve attended in the past.

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