LosTechies welcomes Chris "Cruz" Taylor

I had the pleasure of working with Cruz on an agile team for about 2 1/2 years.  His passion for software development, best practices, and knowledge sharing/gathering are bar none.  He’s currently working for a small development shop in San Antonio, TX and has written some excellent posts on Agile software development at his blog.  Please take a second and go check them out.

Welcome Cruz.

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3 Responses to LosTechies welcomes Chris "Cruz" Taylor

  1. Cruz says:

    I am humbled that the folks of Los Techies saw enough value in my postings to date (see link above) to include me in their roll.

    This is really an honor. I will do my best to live up to the calling and look forward to some stimulating debate, continued learning and having a bit of fun while we’re at it.

    Thank you again, Los Techies!

  2. welcome Chris on board!

  3. mbratton says:

    Welcome aboard, Cruz!