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LosTechies welcomes James Gregory

We are happy to announce a new member, James Gregory.  If you’re in the NHibernate world you’ll recognize him as the lead developer on the Fluent NHibernate project.  He recently took on the Docu project for .NET documentation and is … Continue reading 

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Adding a git post-receive hook to fire off Hudson CI server

UPDATE: guard clause throws LocalJumpError. Changed to simple if block Context: I needed our hudson CI builds to auto-fire when a developer pushes their code changes to our canonical/upstream git repositories. In your .git/hooks/post-receive file place the file code (FULL … Continue reading 

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LosTechies welcomes Eric Anderson

LosTechies is proud to welcome Eric Anderson.  Eric is another Austinite that has been a great community contributor and has been very passionate about software best practices and continuous learning.  His blog ( even has the testinfected subdomain, as ensuring … Continue reading 

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Firefox Hudson Build Monitor add-on

MOZILLA: READ THIS! To Mozilla,You should upgrad ethe Hudson Build Monitor Plugin so that users don’t have to create add-on accounts just to download. Cliffano’s customer support and product are top of the line. Explanation:I have started using Hudson as … Continue reading 

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