LosTechies welcomes James Gregory

We are happy to announce a new member, James Gregory.  If you’re in the NHibernate world you’ll recognize him as the lead developer on the Fluent NHibernate project.  He recently took on the Docu project for .NET documentation and is working with a few other projects.  His home page sums up his information perfectly.  James is definitely a pragmatic programmer and is a perfect fit for us.  Here are some of James’ links.

His LosTechies blog is located at http://jagregory.lostechies.com

Homepage: http://jagregory.com
Blog: http://blog.jagregory.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/jagregory
Github Repos: http://github.com/jagregory

OSS Projects
Docu: http://docu.jagregory.com
FluentNHibernate: http://fluentnhibernate.org/
BooLangStudio: http://www.codeplex.com/BooLangStudio

Welcome to the group James.

About Jason Meridth

Continuously learning software developer trying to not let best be the enemy of better
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4 Responses to LosTechies welcomes James Gregory

  1. Chris Missal says:

    Welcome James! Glad to have you on board.

  2. Ryan Svihla says:

    Congratulations James you’ve earned it.

  3. Gabriel Schenker says:

    Welcome James. Glad to have another guy from the old continent on board!

  4. Tuna Toksöz says:

    Congratulations James! I now like lostechies even more!