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git instaweb

I was reading “Pro Git” by Scott Chacon and was on the section about “git instaweb”. This is where you can run gitweb, a cgi script that comes with git, locally or on a server. I have successfully gotten gitweb … Continue reading 

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Using gsub to wrap substring

Over my lunch today I finally had an opportunity to use something I learned yesterday reading Dan Croak’s “gsub with a block” post on the Thoughtbot blog. I use the twitter gem and just display my last status on my … Continue reading 

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"git commit -a" and "git add"

I’ve heard or read too many git blog posts/pod casts state that if you create a new file in your local Git repo and you want to shorten the steps on getting it added to the local repository, all you … Continue reading 

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Git local pre-commit hook

I’ve personally added a pre-commit hook to my local git repos. It’s like a personal CI before I push back to origin/master. I run my tests locally anyway before committing and pushing, so I thought I would automate it. I … Continue reading 

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