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Refspec matches more than one

I was trying to push to a canonical repository this morning and got the following error: $ git push origin master error: src refspec master matches more than one. error: failed to push some refs to ‘ssh://user@host/srv/git/repo’ This happened because … Continue reading 

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Git post-merge hook to auto-fire rails migrations

I saw Scott Bellware recently write on twitter: for christmas, i really want a git hook to detect if an update has changes in the db/migrations folder Cory Foy, Aaron Jensen, and myself all responded in turn. I think Cory … Continue reading 

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Git – Suspicious Patch Lines

DISCLAIMER: This is only relevant if you or someone contributing to your project are doing cross-platform development. If you are typically just developing on Windows, you should be able to keep the config options set to false. The Problem While … Continue reading 

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Pair Programming with Screen

  I’ve decided, once again, to make the jump back to VIM full-time. It will help my bash-fu become stronger and also ensure that I can pair program with any other dev. TextMate is awesome for personal development, but using NERDTree (example) and vim.rails (cheat sheet) … Continue reading 

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