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I’ve decided, once again, to make the jump back to VIM full-time. It will help my bash-fu become stronger and also ensure that I can pair program with any other dev. TextMate is awesome for personal development, but using NERDTree (example) and vim.rails (cheat sheet) by @tpope has made my VIM experience much more pleasant..

Checkout my vim files on github

This post is for me to remember how to use Gnu screen to pair program. side note: here is the best cheat sheet on Gnu Screen.

startup screen:

screen -S sessionname

turn on multi-user

:multiuser on

add permissions for the other user:

:acladd user

instruct second user to connect with:

screen -x yourusername/sessionname


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2 Responses to Pair Programming with Screen

  1. len smith says:

    This doesn’t sound too fun. I have a distributed team and we pair with LogMeIn Pro ($15/mo) it works absurdly great, it’s as responsive as being rdped into a box… much more responsive than sharedview, gotomeeting, vnc.

  2. @Ien Smith

    The team I code with uses Vim so we don’t need a desktop/rdp/vnc type sharing. Thanks for mentioning the other product.

    I’m personally a cheapskate and like free items over paid items. ;)