Hudson and Nginx

UPDATE: I left HTTP Auth in place via Nginx and removed security from my Hudson instance. This works for me because I don’t need the Hudson security. Every developer should be able to manage the CI server. I’m just trying … Continue reading 

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Selenium-client and fun

So I’ve had the pleasure of working with selenium-client, the official Ruby client API for Selenium Remote Control (bare bone client driver). Assumptions: 1. You have Ruby 1.8+ installed 2. You have rubygems installed I’m going to use the Slicehost … Continue reading 

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LosTechies welcomes Chris "Cruz" Taylor

I had the pleasure of working with Cruz on an agile team for about 2 1/2 years.  His passion for software development, best practices, and knowledge sharing/gathering are bar none.  He’s currently working for a small development shop in San … Continue reading 

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Houston ALT.NET Open Space (April 3rd – April 5th, 2009)

I’ve just become aware of an ALT.NET Open Space conference happening in Houston during the first week of April  Registration isn’t open yet but will be soon.  I’m not involved with the event but wanted to make the announcement (thanks … Continue reading 

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Personal CI history and Hudson CI as service on Ubuntu/Debian

UPDATE: CruiseControl.rb does have Git support from git:// Thank you Jeremy for the heads’ up (comment below) CI == Continous Integration I personally enjoy watching a team hear the Mortal Kombat voice yell “Fatality” when a build fails and see … Continue reading 

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Pablo welcomes Chris Missal

We are happy to announce that Chris Missal (also known by his blog DumpsterDoggy) has accepted an invitation to join LosTechies.  A few of us got to meet with Chris and spend some time talking to him at KaizenConf this … Continue reading 

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In Memory of Nelson Montalvo

Moved to

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We recently created a account for LosTechies.  What this service does is query your RSS feed and whenever a new post is created, it will tweet the blog entry information.  I’m back on twitter and read it religiously.  The … Continue reading 

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PTOM: November 2008: Visitor Design Pattern

Definition Visitor Design Pattern – “Represent an operation to be performed on the elements of an object structure. Visitor lets you define a new operation without changing the classes of the elements on which it operates. ” Another term … Continue reading 

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Library Thing

UPDATE: has a much better UI and is just as awesome.  I’ve made the switch I can’t remember whose blogger profile I was looking at but I saw a link for  I had created a personal web application … Continue reading 

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