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I’ve been in major transition the last couple months. I decided to leave San Antonio and head to Dallas to work with Joe (@agilejoe) and Marcus (@marcusthebold), both are fellow LosTechies members, at One Technologies. Unfortunately, I’m heading back to … Continue reading 

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Git-Achievements on Windows

UPDATE: Needed to add newly clone git-achievements to your PATH env variable.  Otherwise it will push an index.html file to your current repo and not the git-achievements repo.  Thank you Adam for finding that. IMPORTANT: Make sure you save your … Continue reading 

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Gotcha with Gitosis and python-setuptools

Today I decided to upgrade my slicehost slice from Intrepid Ibex to Lucid Lynx (Intrepid → Jaunty → Karmic → Lucid). Yeah, yeah, I’m a little behind. Anyways, It upgraded just fine. However when I was trying to push code … Continue reading 

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Gitosis and Gitweb – Part 3 – Gitweb

Gitosis and Gitweb – Part 1 Gitosis and Gitweb – Part 2 So we are setup, have a project, and have contributors via the first 2 parts. I know that we are all enamored by the UI of I am. … Continue reading 

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Gitosis and Gitweb – Part 2 – Add Projects and Contributors

Gitosis and Gitweb – Part 1 So we are setup now thanks to Part 1. Gitosis repository contents If we issue the “find .” command locally inside the gitosis-admin directory we will see the following: We have the .git folder, … Continue reading 

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Gitosis and Gitweb – Part 1 – Setup

I’ve had a number of people ask me where they should host their Git repositories. Of course, my default question back is, “Can the code be public or does it need to be private?”. Usually they say, “public”. Therefore, my … Continue reading 

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My "Git Branching and Workflows" presentation at Austin Code Camp 2010

Thanks to Shawn Weisfeld for recording this presentation.  Enjoy.  

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Seeing which Git branch I’m on via my console prompt (__git_ps1)

  I like knowing which Git branch I’m currently in. I use the git-ps1 function feature that comes with git-core. If you clone or download the git source: git:// There is a file in the contrib/completion folder called git-completion.bash: ~/code/git/contrib/completion<span … Continue reading 

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UPDATE: Fixed puts statements.  should have been x.token, not x.key. I have gotten tired of twitterfeed not handling our RSS feed and tweeting our new posts. So have the other LosTechies members. I decided to finally learn OAuth so that I can … Continue reading 

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"Pro Git" Cliff Notes

  These are my notes from reading Scott Chacon’s Pro Git I highly suggest buying this book if you are serious about using the Git version control tool. pg 48 A branch in Git is simply a lightweight movable pointer … Continue reading 

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