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Since LosTechies was started we’ve tried to make sure we have created a community that educates.  By doing that we’ve had to stand on the shoulders of a few giants/masters/leaders.  One of those leaders for us was Brendan Tompkins of … Continue reading 

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LosTechies – upgraded and thank you to readers

We have successfully upgraded LosTechies to Community Server 2008.  We are sporting a new theme and will be changing a couple little things here and there.  Thank you to all our readers for allowing us to give back to community.  … Continue reading 

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Update: TeamCity

As you saw from my last TeamCity post, I was a little frustrated about the fact that I had to create an environment variable to use the NAnt runner.  A colleague, Dru Sellers, contacted me and mentioned the Command Line … Continue reading 

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LosTechies welcomes Ray Houston

We would like to welcome Ray Houston (current blog, new LosTechies blog) to the LosTechies blogging community!  Some of us had the opportunity to meet Ray at the Austin TDD Coding Dojo and was impressed with his humility, intelligence, and … Continue reading 

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Google Reader keyboard shortcuts

I’m a keyboard junkie.  The less I have to use the mouse, the happier I am.  If you want to use keyboard shortcuts in Google reader, you can get help by pressing shift+/ (aka, the ?). This will pop up … Continue reading 

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My Typical Day

In response to Joe Ocampo’s (AgileJoe) question: My typical day. 5:30 Wake-up 5:45 Wake-up wife, start taking care of son 5:45-7:00 Feed him, smile when he gives me his morning “present” (a doody diaper), and change him 7:00 Take him … Continue reading 

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I like to give people credit when I use their software.  One particular developer is Brendan Tompkins of We (LosTechies) have added 2 features available from his CodeBetter.CommunityServerExtensions:  Kick It: For those that don’t know, the “Kick It” tags … Continue reading 

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Domain Model Overuse post by David Laribee on CodeBetter

David Laribee recently posted on Domain Model Overuse and my colleague Joe Ocampo (AgileJoe) responded.  Check out the comments. Note: If you want to read Fowler’s article on AnemicDomainModel, check out the cached version on Google, since the entry is … Continue reading 


LosTechies welcomes Sean Chambers to the group

We are happy to announce that another blogger will be joining us today.  His name is Sean Chambers.  His blog is currently located here and Sean has agreed to cross-post to our group. Sean is living in Palm Coast, Florida … Continue reading 

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Agile Development

Currently I’m working on a team of 8 developers and have been practicing Agile for just under 2 years now.  I read about it and tried a couple time before this 2 year span, but didn’t realize how wrong I … Continue reading 

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