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RegOpenKeyEx Function and LOL

I am currently interacting with 64 bit registry entries from a 32-bit application so I’m having to resort to DllImports.  Fun fun. I came across this line in the MSDN entry of RegOpenKeyEx: “A single registry key can be opened … Continue reading 


How did I get started in software development?

Thanks for tagging me Joey. How old were you when you started programming? I was 11 years old (6th grade) when I started using QBasic to make easy games.  I actually knew about the easter egg that showed the developer … Continue reading 

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xkcd2 – someone is wrong

Who was I thinking of when I read this?  Oh, there are so many people. (mouse over for alt text, funny also — you do this with all xkcd comics)   

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xkcd – ubuntu, python comics

If you don’t currently read, you should be.  It has some mushy lovey dovey junk in it sometimes, but the python references and open source references are hilarious. Today’s comic: (mouse over for the Ubuntu reference) One of my … Continue reading 

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.net 3.5 install, anyone using a modem?

“You can now disconnect form the Internet.” I don’t know if you’re using a modem, but I’m not.  Just thought this was funny.

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Port 80 and smiles

Tonight, after a “rough” presentation on LINQ 2 SQL (presented by me) at the local user group meeting, I came home to my wife and just decided to not unpack my laptop.  I know presenters have those times when something … Continue reading 

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Apple’s new product – iBrick

This is what happens to your iPhone if you opened it up for use with other carriers.  I haven’t gotten one yet, but will hopefully.  Someday.

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Forget Subversion’s blame, we need the Microsoft’s WSYP program (joke)

Originally posted here, where I found it.

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The Sims meet .NET developers

I was reading Brad Abrams blog entry today about Visual Studio Island and decided to check it out.   This is the SIMS meet .NET Development. I’m still playing around but it can get pretty addictive.   

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Family IT Guy Award

B# (Ben Scheirman) wrote a post about how to receive this award. :) Check it out here.   I’m still working on #7.  It’s hard to be patient when you’re expected to reload a PC in 2 hours. 

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