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Build your own single function keyboard

I mentioned in my last post that it took months between the time I ordered my Infinity Ergodox keyboard and the time it arrived. In the meantime, I started reading up on it, and learned that the firmware could also … Continue reading 

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Infinity ErgoDox

I’ve always been picky about my keyboard, but recently discovered an entirely new world of keyboard enthusiasts. Aaron Patterson was on the Ruby Rogues podcast talking about mechanical keyboard kits. As in, keyboards you build yourself. You pick out the … Continue reading 

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High Speed, High Capacity Storage: The 1 Thing Every Screencaster Needs

If there’s one thing every screencaster needs, it’s high speed, high capacity storage for raw materials. I just finished up my 15th episode of WatchMeCode (and have recorded probably another 15 or 20 episodes other than those) - here’s the progress bar … Continue reading 


Let Me Teach You Arduino, With JavaScript!

Ever wanted an excuse to learn Arduino, but don’t want to learn C/C++? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.  I’ve published three articles on the Safari Books Online blog that show you how to take your existing JavaScript skillz and … Continue reading 


Building A Better SlideChop With Teensy 3.0

My previous post showed a working prototype for what I’m now calling SlideChop (huge thanks to Eric Anderson for the name!) Since then, I’ve upgraded things a bit and now have a much more stable, much easier to use version. … Continue reading 


A First Look At My Arduino BBQ Thermometer

I’ve uploaded a first look at the Arduino powered BBQ thermometer and software that I’m building. It’s using an Arduino Uno with Ethernet shield.  The probe is a 100K “meat probe” (aka “thermistor”) that I took from a store bought … Continue reading 


Nerdy afternoon

1. My 2GB USB key drive has been bent for about 1 week so I almost bought a 4GB at Fry’s last weekend for $89.  I hesitated and it’s a good thing.  I went to CompUSA today and saw that … Continue reading 

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Dell Dimension 3000 – remove hard drive

**Precursor: My MonoRail posts will continue soon, but I’m moving my office and have also had the “tech support” calls from friends and family lately, hence the OS, hardware posts.  We all have to do this stuff at sometime, right?  … Continue reading