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Why Selenium and Rspec?

Introduction A year ago, I was put to the task, with the help of Joe Ocampo (fellow los techie) to have automated UI tests that everyone in a Development/QA environment (all levels of experience) can help with.  We wanted to … Continue reading 

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Hudson CI Server: setting up remote slaves AND restrictive security together

NOTE: this applies to Hudson version 1.352 Ok so yesterday I was setting up a publicly accessible build server, that was not to be viewable to anonymous sources. So I configured Hudson to “matrix security” and disallowed all access to … Continue reading 

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Adding a git post-receive hook to fire off Hudson CI server

UPDATE: guard clause throws LocalJumpError. Changed to simple if block Context: I needed our hudson CI builds to auto-fire when a developer pushes their code changes to our canonical/upstream git repositories. In your .git/hooks/post-receive file place the file code (FULL … Continue reading 

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Firefox Hudson Build Monitor add-on

MOZILLA: READ THIS! To Mozilla,You should upgrad ethe Hudson Build Monitor Plugin so that users don’t have to create add-on accounts just to download. Cliffano’s customer support and product are top of the line. Explanation:I have started using Hudson as … Continue reading 

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Hudson and Nginx

UPDATE: I left HTTP Auth in place via Nginx and removed security from my Hudson instance. This works for me because I don’t need the Hudson security. Every developer should be able to manage the CI server. I’m just trying … Continue reading 

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