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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 1 Getting Started

This article assumes you have Python 2.6 and Setuptools already installed on your machine and that you’re install SQL Alchemy 0.54 and Pylons 0.97 Overview Pylons is a component based MVC web framework. It, like a lot of more recent … Continue reading 

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IronPython how cool it is

Briefly, IronPython is an implementation of Python in the .Net runtime. This allows you access to  .Net framework goodness while programming in a dynamic language. The current stable version 2.0.1 maps to CPython 2.5.This allows me to do fun fun … Continue reading 

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IronPython Cookbook

Scott Guthrie has posted a notice of the IronPython Cookbook wiki that is now online.  I have Python experience via scripting in Linux.  It’s a very cool language.  It takes some time getting used to no brackets if you are … Continue reading 

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