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Trying to restore my Twitter account

update:  created armmer account after following Ben’s advice below. To any Twitter employees out there: I have been trying for about a month now to get my twitter account restored.  I decided to delete it and focus on other things … Continue reading 


Twittering from the command line

So I was experimenting with Twitter last night and started to use their RESTful services from the command line.  Why you may ask? Well sometimes I just want to tweet something quickly and I don’t want to bother with opening … Continue reading 

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How to install Twhirl on Ubuntu (7.10 Gutsy Gibbon)

Update: I jumped the gun and I thought I’d never have to say this about Linux, but you may have to reboot after the install.  I lost all title bars on all windows after the install.  After reboot, they came … Continue reading 

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