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Pop quiz on ref and out parameters in C#

This post was originally published here. If you line up 100 C# developers, I would be willing to bet that the number of developers that could explain the difference between out and ref parameter keywords could be counted on one … Continue reading 

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Proper string comparison

This post was originally published here. It seems developers have a knack for collecting technical books.  I have a system where books are available to me relative to their importance.  Books I crack once every few months stay at home.  … Continue reading 

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Consistency in user interface behavior

This post was originally published here. I know I can’t be the only person that gets annoyed by this, but the developers of Windows Messenger and Office Communicator must have been on crack when they determined behavior for the “Close” … Continue reading 

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Another reason to love ReSharper

This post was originally published here. Whenever I look at a class in code for the first time, I try to figure out what its responsibilities are.  Ideally, I would look at unit tests exercising the public interface.  These unit … Continue reading 

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