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Values over vendors

This post was originally published here. Many times when I start explaining Scrum or Agile for the first time, one of the first questions I get asked is “what tool do I use for <project function>”?  I fully understand needing … Continue reading 

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Driving and refining Ubiquitous Language

This post was originally published here. Scott has a nice succinct description of how Ubiquitous Language is defined.  In the original description, Eric defines Ubiquitous Language as: A language structured around the domain model and used by all team members to … Continue reading 

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Organizing with Solution Folders

This post was originally published here. I don’t know how long it’s been around, but I found a nice organization feature for VS Solutions, Solution Folders.  Solution Folders are logical (not physical) folders that you can use to organize projects … Continue reading 

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SharePoint 2007 Wiki – not a fan

This post was originally published here. Now that I’ve written a couple large-ish wiki entries on our team’s SharePoint 2007 wiki, I can reasonably say I’m not too impressed with the wiki offerings from MOSS 2007.  A few complaints so … Continue reading 

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New favorite deployment method

This post was originally published here. Having run into so many crazy errors from installing MSI’s, I’ve settled on a new favorite deployment mechanism: NAnt (or MSBuild).  Here’s how it works: Package application and build scripts into one ZIP file … Continue reading 

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Agile cheat sheet

This post was originally published here. I already have the ReSharper cheat sheet and a Smells to Refactorings quick reference.  For those who have every cheat sheet taped to their walls, Dave Laribee created a nice Agile cheat sheet, that includes both the manifesto … Continue reading 

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Weird CruiseControl.NET error

This post was originally published here. So I’m setting up CC.NET for it seems like the hundredth time, and out of the box I get a weird error from the Dashboard.  CC.NET has always been a smooth install and configuration … Continue reading 

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Smells to refactorings quick reference guide

This post was originally published here. Two books I like to have close by are Martin Fowler’s “Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code” and Joshua Kerievsky’s “Refactoring to Patterns“.  It’s not that productive to memorize all of the refactorings, and … Continue reading 

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Short path to failure

This post was originally published here. In three easy steps: Separate those making decisions from those affected by the decisions Remove accountability from the decision makers for the decisions made Rinse, repeat After going to the inaugural Agile Austin group meeting last night, … Continue reading 

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Authoring stories with NBehave 0.3

This post was originally published here. As Joe already mentioned, Behave# has merged with NBehave.  The merged NBehave will still be hosted on CodePlex, and the old project site will redirect to the new CodePlex NBehave site.  With the announcement … Continue reading 

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