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Bizarro-tive development

Anyone familiar with Superman also knows about Bizarro, a doppelganger of Superman.  Bizarro looks like Superman, but is opposite in every way.  Instead of saving people, he kills them.  Instead of eloquent speech, he talks like Tarzan.  He’s not from Earth, but … Continue reading 

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Coding responsibly

I just ordered Kent Beck’s newest book, Implementation Patterns.  In the sample chapter online, there’s a great quote at the end of the preface: As a programmer you have been given time, talent, money, and opportunity. What will you do … Continue reading 

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Oslo = MDA + SOA

Yeah, yeah, too many acronyms.  One of the biggest challenges in large enterprises is getting all of the disparate systems and applications to talk to each other in a well-defined, agreed-upon manner.  Announced here and blogged here, it looks like Microsoft … Continue reading 

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RSpec gone wrong

I’ve seen some weird things in code comments, but with RSpec, you can take programming humor to a different level.  Don’t let your customers see these, though.  Here are a few RSpec specifications gone completely wrong: #this crap needs to … Continue reading 

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Specifications versus validators

Joe posed a great question on my recent entity validation post: I question the term Validator in relation to DDD.  Since the operation of the Validator seems to be a simple predicate based on business rule shouldn’t the term Specification … Continue reading 

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Entity validation with visitors and extension methods

On the Yahoo ALT.NET group, an interesting conversation sprung up around the topic of validation.  Entity validation can be a tricky beast, as validation rules typically depend on the context of the operation (persistence, business rules, etc.). In complex scenarios, … Continue reading 

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Dependency Breaking Techniques: Inline Static Class

Often times I run into a class that has a dependency not on a Singleton, but a static class.  When refactoring away from a Singleton, a common approach is to use Inline Singleton.  With static classes, a slightly different approach … Continue reading 

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Smart Tag shortcut key

Ever notice that little red bar show up sometimes in while coding in Visual Studio 2005?  It shows up after making certain changes to code, such as renaming methods, fields, or types that need to be imported: That little red bar … Continue reading 

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Some Domain-Driven Design resources

Eric Evans’ book may be the definitive resource, but there’s quite a lot of supporting information on print and on the web.  For those looking to start looking at what all the DDD buzz is about, or just wanted to … Continue reading 

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Myth of the isolated production fix

While in WCF training this week, I heard once again the argument why config files are great – your IT staff can change them without a recompilation.  Sounds great right?  But what exactly does this imply? Sure, there’s no recompilation, … Continue reading 

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