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The sinking ship

An interesting quote from a colleague today (paraphrased): Moving developers to projects on the legacy system is like rearranging chairs on the Titanic. We can tidy it up, but it’s still going to the bottom of the Atlantic.  Probably better … Continue reading 

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Coding without confidence

As a favor to my wife, I developed an Excel application to help her employer out with scheduling and status in a small wood manufacturing shop.  Excel was chosen as it was the lowest barrier to entry, and the quickest … Continue reading 

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Not a good sign

At the end of lunch today at a Chinese restaurant, I cracked open the obligatory fortune cookie to learn what a stale, shrink-wrapped, mass-produced dessert could portend. It was empty. I ask for insight into my fate, and the gods answer in … Continue reading 

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Some NAnt tips

Jason got me thinking on some other NAnt tips from his post on listing the targets in the build file. Include NAnt in your source control I like to put NAnt in source control and NEVER install it.  I’ve had … Continue reading 

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Joining Los Techies

How very rude of me, looking back I forgot to mention I’ve joined Los Techies.  A few things drew me to joining: Name sounds very similar to a certain cerveza The promise of a free T-Shirt Being part of a … Continue reading 

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Guidance over governance

Being part of a large IT organization, I’ve become acutely aware of the need to provide a central policy or governance over critical IT operations.  While greenfield/product teams can largely operate in independence, the risk associated with large, complex, and … Continue reading 

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Record and playback state in ASP.NET

Most ASP.NET applications hold various state objects in Session, Application, or other stateful mediums.  For regression testing and defect reproducing purposes, often I want to capture the exact state of these objects and replay them back at a later time, … Continue reading 

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