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Upgrading to Windows XP SP2

After months of soul-searching, I made the gut-wrenching decision today to upgrade my home PC to Windows XP SP2. Upgrade from Vista, that is. I’m completely convinced that Vista is not designed to run on single-core/processor machines.  I’ve run Vista … Continue reading 

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Extension methods and primitive obsession

In another water-cooler argument today, a couple of coworkers didn’t like my extension method example.  One main problem is that it violates instance semantics, where you expect that a method call off an instance won’t work if the instance is … Continue reading 

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Dead Google Calendar gadget

This morning I received an interesting yet disturbing message on the Google Calendar gadget on my iGoogle home page: Great gadget that it was, I think I might be a little more discerning about what gadgets I put on the … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET summary blog

If the ALT.NET mailing list is too much to keep up with, as it is the Mother of All Firehoses (MOAF), several folks have pointed out a nice summary blog: Alt.Net Pursefight! It keeps a nice daily ego check and … Continue reading 

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Ruby-style Array methods in C# 3.0

A while back I played with Ruby-style loops in C# 3.0.  This sparked my jealousy of other fun Ruby constructs that I couldn’t find in C#, and a couple of them are the “each” and “each_with_index” methods for arrays.  Here’s an … Continue reading 

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Decomposing a book club

Book clubs can be a great way to foster learning and encourage growth on a team.  They aren’t always the best avenue for training, which might include: Formal training Industry events Presentations Brown bag lunches etc. I always enjoyed book … Continue reading 

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Don’t hide the ugly

I wanted to take some time to highlight the difference between encapsulation and subterfuge.  Just so we’re on the same page: Encapsulation: The ability to provide users with a well-defined interface to a set of functions in a way which … Continue reading 

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Dealing with primitive obsession

One code smell I tend to miss a lot is primitive obsession.  Primitives are the building blocks of data in any programming language, such as strings, numbers, booleans, and so on. Many times, primitives have special meaning, such as phone … Continue reading 

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Time is running out

I popped open Windows Live Writer today and got a fun message: I thought this product was free, and I never paid for anything, so I’m a little confused how a free product can expire.  Live Writer isn’t supported on … Continue reading 

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