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Converting tests to specs is a bad idea

When I first started experimenting with BDD, all the talk about the shift in language led me to believe that to “do BDD” all I needed to do was to change my “Asserts” to some “Shoulds”.  At the root, it … Continue reading 

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Stop the Flash insanity

More and more it seems high-profile websites are using Flash as a mechanism to deliver essential content.  In extreme cases, such as mycokerewards, the entire site is built on Flash.  Ads in websites, which you used to be able to ignore, … Continue reading 

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More on Scrummerfall

A couple of comments have led me to think that I didn’t explain what it is.  Let’s review waterfall phases: Requirements specifications Design Implementation Integration Testing Deployment Each of these has a gated exit, such that to exit one phase, … Continue reading 

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For the record

This is not Scrum: Planning Release planning Backlog creation Architecture and high-level design Development sprints Design Code Test Conclusion System integration System test Release This is Scrummerfall, where we still do a phase-based waterfall model, but do iterations during the … Continue reading 

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SVN and proxy servers

So I wanted to check out Jeffrey’s sample code he demonstrates in the latest dnrTV episode.  I get a fun message back from SVN, which is completely meaningless to me: It turns out that although SVN works through port 80, … Continue reading 

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NBehave source moved to Google Code

Well, we’re fed up with it.  CodePlex is a great home for everything…except source control.  We’ve decided to keep all things project related (wiki, releases, discussions, etc.) on CodePlex, but move our source to Google Code. We got the inspiration from … Continue reading 

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Application Root is your friend

It still surprises me how many ASP.NET developers I run into don’t know about the different ways to construct path references in ASP.NET.  Let’s say we want to include an image in our website.  This image is hosted on our … Continue reading 

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Time expired, still going strong

My Live Writer beta expired at the beginning of the year, but I’m still going strong: I don’t see the “Ask Me…..Never” button, so I’ll just click the Later button.  It’s still less work to click a button once a … Continue reading 

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Targeting multiple environments through NAnt

One of the nice things about using a command-line local build is that I can easily target multiple environments.  Our configuration scheme is fairly straightforward, with all changes limited to one “web.config” file. When I refer to multiple environments, I’m talking … Continue reading 

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