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Setting the default browser inside Visual Studio

My default browser is Firefox, and has been for many, many years.  But that’s not everyone’s favorite browser, nor is the one they have to use all day long.  When developing web applications for clients, it’s important to know what … Continue reading 

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The Gmail rainbow

I love Gmail, and I really love its labels, but I really really love its filters.  I had a hard time following all of the groups I wanted until Joe showed me how to drink from the firehose.  Now I … Continue reading 

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TestDriven.NET keyboard shortcut

Continuing with the Palermo brain dump theme, Jeffrey introduced me to a keyboard shortcut for running TestDriven.NET tests from a keyboard shortcut.  I had been right-clicking and going from the context menu: While the context menu is nice, it has … Continue reading 

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Moving past stored procedures

On Chad’s recent SQL-assembly comparison post, a few interesting comments caught my eye proclaiming the glory of stored procedures.  From tom (no link): [Stored procedures] are not only useful for speed but also for ACID and to keep business logic … Continue reading 

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NHibernate and xmlpoke

Some time ago I wrote about targeting multiple environments through NAnt.  The basic concept is to use the xmlpoke task in NAnt to modify any XML configuration files your application might use.  One setting that changes in each deployment we … Continue reading 

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Last XML serializer I’ll ever write

I’ve made this class probably a half dozen times, and I’m getting pretty tired of writing it.  It seems like every application I write has to serialize and deserialize back and forth between XML strings and objects.  For future reference, … Continue reading 

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Unit testing MonoRail controllers – Redirects

When developing with MonoRail, one of the common operations is to redirect to other controllers and actions.  Originally, I looked at the BaseControllerTester to help test, but it required a little too much knowledge of the inner workings of MonoRail … Continue reading 

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Eliminating obscure tests

One of the purported benefits of unit tests and TDD in general is unit tests doubling as living documentation.  Unit tests are documentation in the form of executable client code demonstrating small units of behavior.  The idea is that if … Continue reading 

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Getting over the TDD hump

Chad mentioned that the first 2 hours of TDD are the hardest.  Without a good pair by your side, the pain can stretch well beyond a couple of hours.  Maybe I had a rare experience, but my first experience with … Continue reading 

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Team System and open source

A note to all open source developers in .NET: DO NOT use any exclusive Team System features in your open source projects! Team System and the Team Edition flavors do not mix with open source projects.  I opened up the … Continue reading 

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