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Stories, requirements, and language

The negotiation between client and team on what gets delivered is the toughest aspect of software development that I’ve encountered.  Something that’s eased this aspect for me is adopting User Stories and abandoning “Function Requirements” and “Feature Requests”.  I’m reading … Continue reading 

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Flexibility and control

At our recent Headspring .NET Boot Camp, Jeffrey and I had an interesting conversation with a couple of attendees whose company was considering an all-out VSTS love fest. Already using TFS source control, the company was looking at using the … Continue reading 

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Stuck in proprietary-land

Many years ago, I made the fateful decision to standardize my home music collection on WMA.  The bundled software in Windows XP, Windows Media Player, ripped my CDs to the WMA format, for free. At the time, MP3 ripping utilities … Continue reading 

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