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A small correction

During a conversation at this week’s ADNUG, I realized the title of one of my latest posts (Advanced mocking: auto-interaction testing) had a misleading title. I was trying to be clever with the Greek “auto” meaning “self”, so it was … Continue reading 

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The many faces of ExpectedException

I’m not a fan of the style most xUnit frameworks suggest for verifying exceptions.  After seeing the problems with using an attribute to perform assertions, many frameworks have come up with their own way of their own way of doing … Continue reading 

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Advanced mocking: anonymous test spy

When practicing TDD, I create interfaces to abstract away the ugly stuff, like databases, file I/O, web service calls, email messages, and other external systems.  I can run tests now that don’t have to interact with real implementations of these … Continue reading 

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Advanced mocking: auto-interaction testing

When dealing with legacy systems or those not designed with specific testability scenarios in mind, you have to test your changes in non-traditional means.  In normal mocking (or test double) scenarios, you have some kind of external dependency that you … Continue reading 

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Letting the customer drive the demo

At the end of an iteration, we have a demo to the customer (and any interested stakeholders) of functionality delivered in that iteration.  Something I hadn’t tried until recently was letting a user or customer drive the demo.  There were … Continue reading 

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